Sunday, September 2, 2012

More from Antelope Island

I love old wood.  It has great texture and is for the most part very monochromatic so it looks good in b&w and sepia.  Being monochromatic the photographs are not overpowered by the amount and brightness of colors. This board fence is almost a sepia toned black and white.
E-M5 12-60 f/2.8-4  36mm f/8 1/400  ISO 200

black & white 


Back in my darkroom days I used gold toner to get a cool blue tint to the photos.  It was especially nice on winter scenes because it almost made you feel the cold.

E-M5 12-60 f/2.8-4  36mm f/8 1/400  ISO 200

  I don't really like this picture but it  is a good illustration of shallow depth of field with the 12-60
E-M5 12-60 f/2.8-4  39mm f/9 1/500  ISO 200

 The next two show the clarity of the lens when the photo is enlarged several times.  These were taken as L/SF jpegs.
E-M5 12-60 f/2.8-4  60mm f/7.1 1/500  ISO 200

A rather hazy day (thanks to distant forest fires) so it didn't make for the best landscapes.
E-M5 12-60 f/2.8-4  30mm f/10 1/500  ISO 200

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