Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 photographs on 12/12/12

I wanted to do something to mark the 12/12/12 date so I thought I would take 12 photographs.  I took the first four using my Zuiko 50mm f1.4 lens and the rest were taken with my 12-60mm zoom.  I think the sunset pictures could have been sharper.  I probably should have tried a manual focus.  So here are 12 photographs taken on December 12, 2012 with my Olympus OM-D E-M5.  No people.   Hopefully when I get my 17mm  f1.8 I can do more street type photography.  When is Olympus going to release it anyway?

The faded clear coat reminded me of flames you sometimes see painted on the hood of a sports car.

I love the blue and red.

Parent teacher conferences at the local junior high school

My attempt at balance -- bricks on the right, door on the left, Also the door with the vertical elements on the right.  Wreath offsetting the silver panel on the door.

This is one of the art filters on the camera used on my fireplace rocks.

The metal on this old table saw looks like Roman numerals.

Three levels and two ladders.

Sunset looking over Layton, Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake.

Art filter.

Vivid setting.

Looking north so the lights of Salt Lake City.

This is a two panel panorama.


Rebecca said...

Great pictures! Bailey's favorite is the letters on the table saw. :)

GmaS said...

I truly admire your work & am glad I can see some of it this way,

Azuretrue said...

Great eye! 12 photos on 12-12-12. That says something too Im just not sure what...If you know let me know :D